Learn About the Actions Nonprofits Can Take in the COVID-19 Environment

February 16, 2021

Lamb CEO, Josh Lamberg, joined David Minot, Executive Director of Mental Health News Educator, to discuss the actions nonprofits should take to save money on insurance premiums in the COVID-19 environment.

During the webinar, Lamberg explained what a hard market is and the effects of COVID-19 on the marketplace. He also shared the importance of documentation and introduced the acronym I.D.A.R.—Item, Date, Amount, and Relationship to the pandemic—for recording losses and expenses. Lamberg went on to describe how organizations may be able to request credits for auto fleet adjustments as well as workers’ compensation payroll modifications.

Finally, Lamberg spoke on the necessity of cyber insurance in today’s business environment, and how simple changes to your organization, like implementing double verification for money transfers, can go a long way to protecting your organization from fraud. The webinar concluded with time for Lamberg to answer questions from the webinar’s participants. You can check out a recording of the webinar here.

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Lamb recognizes that COVID-19 has created many challenges for nonprofit and human service organizations. That’s why we’ve made it EASY for you to submit changes to payroll for your workers’ compensation policy and vehicle schedule for your auto policies. Click below to proceed with your change requests.