August 20, 2018

On August 16th, Lamb employees volunteered at The Doe Fund’s Harlem Center for Opportunity and performed mock interviews with trainees enrolled in The Doe Fund’s Ready, Willing & Able program. Presented as part of the Career Success Strategies course, the event represents a significant milestone for trainees in their preparation for acquiring viable employment after prolonged incarceration and/or homelessness. The primary purpose of the mock interviews is to allow trainees to practice a simulated interview and receive constructive feedback.

Because social responsibility and giving back is a core principle of Lamb, we were grateful to have the ability to offer this opportunity to our employees. Thank you to The Doe Fund and all of the trainees in the program. We look forward to many more mock interviews and wish all of the trainees luck in their job search!

Lamb recognizes that COVID-19 has created many challenges for nonprofit and human service organizations. That’s why we’ve made it EASY for you to submit changes to payroll for your workers’ compensation policy and vehicle schedule for your auto policies. Click below to proceed with your change requests.